VOLUNTEERS - This page is dedicated to the men and woman who volunteer their time which helps us in our goal to provide the best services to our members and the community.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Paulette Arnold
Harold Baines
Carol Baurela
Betsy Beamesderfer
George Brinker
Delores Burns
Kathy Challandes
Jim Challandes
Veronica Doris
Jim Goodlin
Patty Goodlin
Molly Goss
Sandy Heifetz
Griffin Kidwell
Ron Lake
Heidi Lamb 
Linda Lavender
Dan McGraw
Janice McGraw
Joan Michaels
Peggy Miller
Art Moore
Nancy Moore
George O'Brien
Helen O'Brien
Ginger Scott
Art Ricker
Larry Simpkins
Phyllis Simpkins
Joe Spina
Joe Stein
Liisa Trala
Jacqui Wilson
Joan Winters
Jamie Woodworth